Measurements and automation

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In line with the definition of energy efficiency, given by the International Standard EN ISO 50001."Energy efficiency is the ratio or other quantitative relationship between the results obtained at the output, expressed as characteristics, services, products, goods or energy, and the energy input to the input." When we have electricity at the input and output, the energy efficiency is called electricity efficiency. Therefore, electrical efficiency is the ratio between the electrical energy at the output and the electrical energy at the input.

Evaluation of efficiency in accordance with the above definition of electricity efficiency:

ηc,% = (ECMax/EGMax).100

Electricity efficiency is within the scope of the accredited service "Control of electricity consumption" and consists of: 

  • determination of the criteria for electricity efficiency according to the specifics of the client;
  • identification of key energy consumption;
  • determining the efficiency of energy flows that will change;
  • installation of suitable measuring devices: on the power terminals - in the beginning  of electrical system / load and for measuring the energy consumption in the system / load itself; 
  • performing instantaneous or for a certain period of time measurements of electrical quantities (voltages, currents, harmonics, powers, phase angles, power factor, analysis of the origin of disturbances, consumed energy); 
  • data collection from measurements, analysis, communication with the client, process optimization .