Measurements and automation

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The control is in accordance with the European norms for electricity quality - BDS EN 50160 and documents approved from EWRC " Methodology for reporting the implementation of the target indicators for quality of electricity and quality of service of distribution companies and public suppliers / final suppliers " from 29.05.2007 and "Indicators for the quality of electricity supply"  from 30.06.2004.

The equipment is traceably calibrated and complies with: BDS EN 61000-4-30, BDS EN 61000-4-15 and BDS EN 61000-4-7.


  • voltages, currents, power and energy;
  • harmonics and harmonic analysis;
  • vector analysis;
  • registration and analysis of transients;
  • direction of source of interference and nonlinearity.

The service for the control of the quality parameters of the power supply is oriented to consumers at all levels of production, transmission, distribution and final consumption of electricity.