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Declaration of the head of the ORC to ensure the independence of the activities of the ORC
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Georgi Sashov Milushev, Head of ORC “UNITECH CONTROL”

I hereby declare that:

1. Orc staff shall not be subjected to any commercial, financial or other pressure which may affect their technical judgment in carrying out the accreditation control activities.

2. I will try to exclude any influence on the part of external persons for the ORC on the control activities from the accreditation and on the formation of the results of the performed control.

3. I will not allow the involvement of employees in any side activities that would jeopardize their integrity and confidence in the assessment, in carrying out the activities of control of accreditation.

4. The remuneration of the employees shall be determined by negotiation upon entry into employment and they shall not depend on the number and results of the control performed by them.