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1. Consideration of complaints/ objections.

All complaints/ objections on the part of the contracting authorities, even oral ones, are a signal of attention on the part of all Orc employees, and after their written submission, they are entered in a register and it is considered that a procedure for resolving them has been opened. The register is kept by the Responsible person and contains the following data:

• serial number and date of receipt of complaints/ objections;
• customer identification, address and contact telephone number;
• a brief description of the nature of the complaints/ objections;
• number and date of the letter notifying the applicant of the outcome of the investigation and of the decision taken on complaints/ objections;
• corrective actions taken.

The complaint/ objection is received by the Head of the ORC. It assesses the extent to which it relates to the ORC and its activities. After an assessment showing the attitude to the activity of the ORC, the Quality Manager is assigned the entire procedure for clarifying the problems related to the filed complaints/ objections. When clarifying the problems from the received Complaints/ objections, the Quality Manager conducts an analysis. The head of the ORC directly monitors the implementation of the analysis and makes decisions on this basis. These decisions are sent to the complainants/ objections and are reflected in the Analysis of Complaints/ Objections.
The quality manager may involve in the investigation other persons whose activity in the case is not affected and seek the assistance of the Head. The conclusion of the investigation of complaints/ objections, together with the proposals for decisions are approved by the Head.
Complaints/ objections are considered with guaranteed independence from the influence of the employees of the ORC, against whose actions they are directed. In case of disagreement of the affected persons with the decisions taken, the issue is reconsidered by the Head.
The procedure for clarifying and resolving cases with complaints/ objections should be completed within one month, unless the circumstances require more urgent action.

2. Responsibility for resolving received complaints/ objections.
Each received complaint/ objection is considered and resolved until full satisfaction of the submitter of the respective complaint/ objection and until the implementation of the corrective measures taken.

3. Registration of complaints/ objections.
Each received complaint/ objection is registered, after which the natural/ legal person who submitted the respective complaints/ objections is notified. In the course of eliminating the consequences of the reasons for the complaints/ objections, the complainants are constantly informed.

4. In the event of established well-founded complaints/ objections related to incurred or impending damages to the contracting authority, measures shall be taken containing decisions to compensate for probable damages, as well as assurances that corrective actions taken shall exclude such complaint / objections. The persons from the ORC guilty of the received complaints/ objections do not participate in decision-making and/ or elimination of the consequences of the received complaints/ objections.

5. The ORC shall notify the completion of the corrective measures and the personal responsibility of the perpetrators. In this case, the Head alone determines the extent of the actions towards the guilty persons. The correspondence with assignors regarding their complaints/ objections is kept by the Head.