Measurements and automation

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1. The head of the ORC shall ensure that he and the employees of the ORC maintain confidentiality regarding the information obtained during the control.

2. Pursuant to the approved Internal Rules of UNITECH CONTROL EOOD, the staff of ORC maintains complete confidentiality regarding the results of the control.

3. The head of the ORC shall notify the client in advance of the confidentiality of the entire activity of the object of control and everything related to the applicant.

4. The head of the ORC shall specify with the applicant for control the information that may be in the public domain and that which may be provided to a third party.

5. ORK does not provide information from the client to state institutions except in the cases determined by the Ministry of Interior and the court.

6. ORK provides information from the client after consultation with him.

7. Information about the client received from other sources is considered confidential.

8. The information about the activity of other units of “UNITECH CONTROL” EOOD with activity other than the conducted control is considered confidential.

9. Upon entering work, the ORC staff shall sign a declaration of confidentiality.

10. Before carrying out an inspection, the staff performing the inspection shall sign a declaration of confidentiality regarding the assigned object of control.

11. All interested parties shall have access to the services of the ORC without discrimination and without any hindrance, financial, commercial or technical conditions, where the requests comply with the competence of the ORC, the legal and methodological requirements.